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Vous êtes ici : WGPower » Dawn of war » Changelog

Changelog des patchs du Mod DowPro

Patch 1.52

1. Guardian formation edited.
2. Dread 200 hp.
3. Slugga/Shoota max HWs scaled.
4. BM/WB are 0 mob value, but have unique mob bonus max morale increase abilities. MDz are 0 as well, no new abilities.
5. LR max 2, require OR.
6. Probes max 3, keen sight.
7. Probes have 25% vanilla degen.
8. Oblits have keen sight. Sight range remains the same because otherwise they may only use lascannons for everything.
9. MDz have keen sight, range 7.
10. CTC random CSM v.1.5.
11. Shurks dps scale with SS, from nerfed-15% up to current dps.
12. Scale SS cost by 25/15, 3 secs.
13. Seers get x0.9334 with Mysticism, not x0.90. Warlocks get x0.92, not x0.95. Require 3 SS not 2 for the research.
14. LP3 req increase back to vanilla.
15. HQ 0 pow, gens scale 15/15.
16. Silence Shroud, FoF, FL.
17. Eldar LP3 requirement bug fix.
18. SP/CL/relics now decay faster. Start at 10 min not 15, decay to 30% not 45%.
19. Gravitic boosters bugged. Now fixed and functional.
20. WB3 dps to vehicle_high changed. It was too high.
21. CtC random heads
22. Searaven icons
23. AI FoF fix
24. French and English UCS files from DenizAsker

Patch 1.50

Voici le change log en anglais des modifications apportées au mod DoWPro dans sa version 1.50.

General changes

- Mines will detonate under infiltrated units. In case you didn´t know.
- T2 for all races decreases mines cost by 10/5.
- Most squads now have cool new unique formations. Check it out.
- Plasma Battery Upgrade, that´s second one in powerplants, doesn´t cost any power (every other upgrade of this type does) - This is actually not a bug, but it is a valid complaint. Tweaked.
- Thermo gens: increase cost to 95 power.
- Gen scaling: 15 instead of 20.
- All non-daemon units now reinforce 50% slower when broken.
- Infiltration works with required_structure. No more clicking on research.

Eldar changes

- Reapers cost 70/0 -> 70/5, reinforce cost 70/0 -> 80/5
- Fire Dragon reinforce cost 70/25 -> 80/25
- Vyper spontaniously regenerates HP and benefits from webway healing - removed.
- Vyper missile upgrade costs 30req/ 25pow/ 20sec, same as DOW 1.4 vanilla.
- Seer Council has 4 members, but you still can build gazillions Witchblades for it - fixed.
- WS shoot-on-move has only 10% acc (Exarch has 20-25% acc). Teleport stun time now 1 sec (was 1/2 sec).
- Halve the cost of Warlock Witchblade upgrade from the SS.
- Ensure SC basic anti-hero dps is increased x2.5 and the witchblade anti-hero dps is doubled. Also buff veh_high dps by 50%.
- FS witchblade dps: Buff anti-demon dps to inf_hvy_med dps values, buff FS monster_high and vehichle_high dps by 30%.
- DR stone to be -10 req/ 20 power in cost and each DR to cost 5 power.
- There are reports that shee warshout hurts their morale too. - False following testing.
- LP3 - apparently its fire arc is bugged - fixed.
- Eldar LP gun should have an activation toggle like artillery does. - Done. Currently using Prism´s icon.
- Ranger Long Rifle range goes from 30 to 35 with building of Soul Shrine (exclusive modifier). Note, Soul Shrine destruction means rifle goes back to 30.
- Aspect Portal starts with 700 HPs. DR, WS, Shee gems each add 200 HPs. FD gem adds 300 HPs. For comparison, AP in pro_1.49 has 1000 HPs (doesn´t change).
- Support portal stones - all stones add 1 veh pop in addition to the support portal HP buff
- Support portal stones. Change back to stones instead of researches.
- Support portal adds 2 veh pop
- 2nd support portal do not scale in cost.
- Support portal starts as 2700 HPs. Wraithlord and Vyper gems each add 200 HPs. Prism gem adds 300 HPs.
- Webways only grant 1/ 1 inf/veh pop but cost 80req and scale down 5req each webway
- Aspect warrior stones add 1 inf pop
- Soul shrines add 2/ 2 pop and continue to scale down in cost as before
- Fire Dragon dps should be 35dps vs monster_med. Exarch does 45 dps vs.
- FD now do 1/3 the morale dps of a regular flamer. FD Exarch 1/2.
- FDs with no setup time, but must be stationary. - Done.
- FDs buffed :
20% AV buff, 30% for exarch.
5% AB buff, 10% for exarch.
- Annihilate The Enemy has now the following characteristics :
-> Requires all Asp Warrior gems.
-> Researched at Soul Shrine.
-> Cost 120/80/80.
-> The following modifiers are moved into this research...
= DR squad member 1 (from FD gem).
= FD squad member 1.
= Shee squad member 2 (from tier 2 research).
= WS deathspinner range 1 (from tier 2 research).
= Shee charge distance increase (from tier 2 research).
= Shee exarch charge distance increase (from tier 2 research).
= Guardian Warlocks gets the Seer Council conceal, in addition to their normal conceal. This means Guardians still get only normal Conceal (0.75), but the squad Warlocks get 0.75 x 0.75 = 0.5625 range damage reduction.

Orks changes

- You can research Super ´Eavy Armor Upgrade before researching ´Eavy Armor Upgrade - bug fixed.
- NL synckill not working - fixed.
- Stormboyz now get NL with just 4 boyz in squad.
- Mob charge bonus should now work for Nobz. Wasn´t sure before.
- Disable BM repair when attached. Now a BM-attached squad should have access to its stikkz.
- Min Shoota DPS vs building high is rather good... should be nerfed. - Done.
- Is trukk rampage timers the same as rhino smoke launchers? I remember them to recharge rather quickly. - Timer is now 100, compared to 90 for Chaos Rhino and 120 for SM Rhino.
- Nob Leader Klaw research moved to post-Fort-upgrade (same time as Nobz klaws). NL Klaw now benefits a lot from choppy upgrades ( 20% from each).
- Can we make trukk dps more reasonable. - Done. Trukkz dps now makes sense. Also, anti-building dps decreased by 1/2.
- Can we nerf Waaagh banner 2. - Now requires PoG and 15 req more.
- LP3/Waaaagh 3 - armor-penetrations reshuffled to be strong AV weak anti-inf.
- FJ in addition to the 1.49 stats:
the first 10secs reduces damage taken by 30%.
rallies squad.
reduces morale dmg taken by 20% from ranged weaponry ONLY.
All NL's: 50 HP, adds 3 mob bonus

Chaos changes

- Raptor chainsword gets 10% from Furious Charge.
- Cults: change morale regen to 8.
- Raptors: change from the HQ increasing the squad size to the sac pit to make them equivalent to berserkers.
- Bionics 2 research for chaos adds a morale buff --> I´d be more comfortable if the buff was given with the serk T3 ability research (forget its name) instead of the bionics.
- Cultist CC --> 30% buff across the board.
- Cult grens: 30% nerf to commander, inf_hvy_med/high, minus 0.5 radius and friendly fire activated. - Done.
- 4 Heavy Weapons for Raptors is a bit too much. - This is left intact as the Raptors HWs are not as effective as other HWs. 2 HWs default. 4 after research.
- Need Raptor max squad modifier for both Chaos HQ addons. Done.
- Oblits teleport stats tweaked so FX is fully functional (FX seems hardcoded). Oblit teleport is now geared towards attack (long setup but fast getup
- Cultist GL does friendly fire, radius of effect 4 -> 3.5, and they do less damage to heavy infantry
- Obliterator teleport distance 50 -> 60
- CL´s symbol of chaos aura disables enemy morale regeneration

Space Marines changes

- Termie cannon gets 10% from 1st Optics, 15% from 2nd.
- Terms: ensure all moving accuracy penalties are 20% or less (if currently less)
- 200 HP to Dreads. Removed the melee charge.
- buff both term and AT CC dps by 10%
- Termie cannon range = 30.
- Ensure stormbolter dps = 2xbolter dps (it´s that and more, without me changing anything, so ppl stop complaining about stormbolters).
- I´m interested in swapping terms and chaplain in the tech tree. - Done. I like this change.
- FC aura: try increasing it to radius 20 instead of 15. - Done. At first I didn´t like it. But then I realized ppl need an incentive to go Artifact first now that they don´t get early Termie AC spam. Chap may be just as good but hero and abilities management take more effort.
- Flamer morale damage after the upgrade is just insane. - Agreed. Reload time has an exponential effect, especially since it´s AoE and can´t miss. Upgrades are weakened. Snipers are not touched.
- Termies teleport stats tweaked so FX is fully functional (FX seems hardcoded). Termie teleport is geared towards escape (short setup moderate getup, less distance).
- Landspeeder stormbolter moving accuracy reduction 30% -> 20%
- Terminator stormbolter moving accuracy reduction 30% -> 20%

Weapons changes

Weapons 15% Nerfed vs monster_med:
- All Chaos bolt pistols.
- Chaos tactical bolter.
- Chaos tactical HB.
- All Chaos knives.
- Eldar warp spiders and exarchs deathspinners.
- Eldar Guardian shurikens.
- All Eldar shurken pistols.
- All Eldar knives.
- Eldar warlock (normal) swords.
- Ork slugga and stormboy choppaz.
- Ork shoota knivez.
- Ork shoota_shoota.
- Ork slugga_slugga/MD/BM/nob/SB/TB.
- Ork warboss shoota.
- All SM bolt pistols.
- SM tactical bolter.
- SM tactical HB.
- SM terminator storm bolters.
- All SM knives.

Weapons 10% buffed vs monster_med:
- Eldar executioner.
- All Eldar witchblades.

All flamers now do 8 dps vs monster_med.
All vehicle flamers/ heavy flamers do 25 dps vs monster_med.
Possessed and Horror flames are not modified vs monster_med.
This is the max damage normal flamers can do - I gave them 100% penetration vs monster_med. For flamers to do any more, I have to reconstruct the entire flamer damage chart, and I´m not about to do that.
So, currently monster_med has some resistance vs early weapons and HWs, and infantry flamers are a soft counter. Use demons vs Orkz for good effect, but don´t expect anything miraculous.

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